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Wayside is now Sullivan Tire and Auto Service!

Since 1985 Wayside Auto Service has been serving the Westford and Littleton community with the philosophy of great customer service and hiring quality people.

Recently I made the decision to sell the company to the Sullivan family. We had many options on whom to sell this successful business to. However, it was a natural for us to pass the baton to the Sullivan’s. Their commitment in treating customers like a member of the family and dedication to taking care of their employees was a perfect fit.

You will continue to see many of the same faces you are used to seeing and some

great new faces as well. The level of customer service will remain the same, and the Sullivan team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.

Sullivan Tire has been serving New England motorists since 1955 and remains a family owned and operated business. They have over 65 automotive service centers from Bangor, Maine to Warwick, Rhode Island.

 I want to thank the community for their many years of loyalty to Wayside Auto Service. I’m proud of the success we’ve had - and knowing the way they do business - I am confident that Sullivan Tire & Auto Service will do a fantastic job serving all of you in the future.

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